• How Two Mums Fought a War on Drugs


    A True Story , how drugs can destroy the whole family

    A message not to be ignored

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by Julie Rose, M.L & S.J Cowell

Friends, Julie and Marilyn individually depict their long and painful struggle to overcome their sons Heroin addictions. The fight which spanned over a decade, took them to some of the darkest places they never knew existed. Both homely with family values and morals, they found themselves mixing in a world of unsavoury characters and drug dealers.

Our bundle of stories tells of Julie’s idyllic childhood in the raw outskirts of 1960 ‘s Melbourne. Marilyn on the other hand was brought up in Reading knowing only a simple existence.


The Authors from the left Michelle Cowell, Julie Rose & Sarah Cowell.

We are currently carrying out drug awareness talks in schools and have achieved great success at Dorcan school in Swindon, soon to visit Swindon College in the new term and other schools.

Contact us for further details.

Our aim)
If young people in schools have read our book or listened to our drug awareness talks, then whenever they are in a situation where they are tempted to use any drugs they will remember our story and our talk. That could just be the difference between a life of addiction hell, or a bright healthy future

Our Passion)

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We are back at Dorcan School Swindon in the new term delivering our drug awareness talks which have been a great success story.

If you would like any information sent out on drug information: please contact us

Thank you, Julie, Sarah, Michelle. 


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